Találatok ‘Gadó János’

Összesen 918 találat (781 - 800) : Gadó János.

June 1997 Issue

Írta: Szombat - Rovat: Archívum, English

June 1997 In our May editorial we stated that the June issue of Szombat may easily be the last one. We have, with great difficulties, managed to keep Szombat alive until October. But the October issue can easily turn out to be the very last one, as you can read in our June editorial. In the second part … Tovább »


Írta: Archívum - Rovat: Archívum, English

The April issue of Szombat begins with President Árpád Göncz’s writing, in which he rewiews the happy and less happy events of 1100 years of Hungarian-Jewish history. His writing is followed by János Gadó’s study on the history of Jewish schools in Hungary, probing the question of why the majority … Tovább »